Colleagues will now have seen the statement released by Shropshire Council regarding their intention to instigate a voluntary redundancy programme.

Our understanding of these proposals is that The Council are looking to lose up to 50% of the workforce - across all areas - in the next 4 years with the intention of making as many of these losses happen as quickly as possible. The rationale for this course of action is that they have to save £80 Million pounds in the next four years.

Office Closure - 11 July 2013

Please note that the Branch Office will be closed between 9.00am - 11.30am tomorrow for staff training.


Alan James - Branch Secretary

Muslim Prayer Room

Picture of Building

Muslim Prayer Room

As a Branch we support the planning submission for the change of use of this building as a Muslim prayer room and would encourage as many members as possible to do the same at the following link:

The planning reference number is: 13/01585/COU

Alan James - Branch Secretary

Guardian On-Line Discussion.

Today the Guardian is having an on-line live discussion using a UNISON survey on local government as the starting point.  The survey points to the stresses on LG workers and Heather is among those taking part. Questions can be raised from today and it would be good to encourage local government members to take part – see details below.

Please take part if you are interested and pass on to any contacts you think would be interested in taking part can you please let them have the details.



Local Government Part-time Workers Survey

Dear colleagues,

 Local Government Part-time Workers Survey

 As part of the Part-time Matters campaign the Local Government Service Group has launched an online survey at the link below:


Extract of a Letter from Dave Prentis:


"I am writing to ask you to vote now in the election for UNISON's national executive council.

As an elected body it is the highest form of democracy within the union.  In between our annual delegate conference, the NEC is charged with implementing policy decided at conference."

You will have received a document detailing this along with a ballot paper and the Branch Officers would encourage you to case your vote and make your choice in this important election.

Ade Andrew - Asst Branch Secretary


Please take the time to follow this link and sign the e-petition to support the Living Wage Campaign.


Ade Andrew

Branch Secretary Weekly Update - 29.04.13

Changes to Collective Redundancy Consultation Procedures – 29.04.13


Redundancy and Incremental pay Challenges.


For some time now, the Branch has been concerned at the speed and progress of our legal challenges to changes to the redundancy and Incremental pay policies.

As a consequence I recently made an official complaint to Thompsons Solicitors regarding the apparent lack of progression and informed them that as a branch we were finding it increasingly difficult to keep saying to our members  that an outcome was on the horizon.


There has been no other leader quite like Margaret Thatcher in post-war Britain.  And some will say praise the Lord for that!  No other post-war Prime Minister has been so admired, or so reviled.   She was the first woman to lead a major political party in Britain, the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th century, and almost the only Prime Minister whose name is synonymous with an ideology. "Thatcherism"

I will not join in the celebrations of the death of a frail 87 year old woman but I will celebrate  long and hard if it means the beginning of the end of “Thatcherism”