5.4% Campaign update

The first stage of our  campaign has now very nearly reached its objective of attaining  the 1000 names  total required on our petition. Once we finally get to this figure in the next couple of weeks I can then approach Shropshire Council with a request to address full council with our aims and objectives.

Local Government Pay Offer

Many members of The Branch have been contacting us regarding the pay offer for Local Government employee's this year. Up until now we have be unable to provide definite answers because on-going negotiations with the employers had failed to reach agreement. This has now been finally settled and we have - reluctantly- agreed to the offer on the table.

Trades Union Bill

The Governments proposed changes to all our rights at work  via their Trades Union Bill  rumbles on through Westminster. Concerted pressure from UNISON has seen some significant changes to the original proposals and these are welcome but we should not take our eye off the ball and think that the job is done. This Bill- even in its depleted format- represents a serious attack on us all within this branch whether that is as individuals or collectively. As a union we must do all that we can to maintain and extend the opposition to these quite draconian proposals.

5.4% Campaign

Shropshire UNISON Branch is now actively pursuing the 5.4% Campaign as previously advertised. 
The original pay reduction in 2011 was supposedly a “time limited measure to allow us time to make different long term, structural changes.”  In reality salaries are still 5.4% below the NJC agreement making us the lowest paid local government staff in England.
We say that the “time limited “ period has now elapsed and it is time for Shropshire Council  to address this issue

The BIG UNISON Prize Draw

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Cut to Government Office Space

The Cabinet Office has announced plans to cut Government office space by 75% by 2023. This comes as it is revealed that the Government has cut 2.4 million square meters of office space since 2010. It was also announced that local authorities will now be required to report on assets which will “deliver savings by making better use of empty buildings.” There will also be a requirement for local authorities to publish information about surplus assets that have been retained for longer than 2 years.

Finance Surgeries

UNISON's recommended Finance advice provider, Lighthouse, will be holding 2 surgeries in the Branch Offices, to find out more and book a time to see a Financial Advisor please see attached.

Housing Benefit Staff Letter to Duncan-Smith from Unison

Dear Mr Duncan-Smith

Universal Credit                

We note your statement of 10 December 2015  that “there will be no 'staff transfer arrangements' for local authority housing benefit staff as universal credit rolls out”; and that this decision was “reached following 'extensive consideration of the issue and engagement with the local authority associations'”.


Wednesday 25th November 2015
For immediate Release


UNISON Job Vacancies

Yorkshire and Humberside Region: Head of Corporate Services

The Yorkshire and Humberside region is currently recruiting a Head of Corporate Services.
Starting salary                                                    £37,713 per annum
Contract type                                                    Full time, permanent
Closing date for applications                       12 November 2015