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Dear Member,

                                                                                                                  Shropshire UNISON 5.4% Campaign

At this years’ AGM  the branch outlined its intention to launch a campaign locally to lobby councillors at Shropshire Council to re instate the pay cut we endured in 2011. ( Copy attached ). This is still our intention and something that we will be pursuing. We have the necessary preparations in place and ideally we would have launched the campaign in April / May however we took a decision to await the outcome of the General Election first.

Given the election  result - and quite frankly the very scary implications for us all in public service – The Branch Executive, at its last meeting on Thursday 21st May, took the decision to delay the official launch of the 5.4% Campaign until we all have a much clearer and better understanding of what awaits Local Government in this parliament. We all know that in Shropshire our employers have not been slow to implement quite drastic attacks to our terms and conditions and at this very early stage we do not want to do anything that will present Shropshire Council with another opportunity to further erode what we have.

I want to be clear that we have no intention of not challenging Shropshire Council over, what they described themselves,  as a temporary pay cut. As a trades union it is what we have to do, what we are good at doing and what is clearly morally the right thing to do,  the 5.4% campaign will be a feature of Branch activity in the coming months and when we are ready to officially launch it we shall of course keep the wider membership informed.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter and for your continued support.

Kind regards

Alan James
Branch Secretary
Shropshire UNISON