5.4% Campaign

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Shropshire UNISON Branch is now actively pursuing the 5.4% Campaign as previously advertised. 
The original pay reduction in 2011 was supposedly a “time limited measure to allow us time to make different long term, structural changes.”  In reality salaries are still 5.4% below the NJC agreement making us the lowest paid local government staff in England.
We say that the “time limited “ period has now elapsed and it is time for Shropshire Council  to address this issue
Despite assurances given at the time that this pay cut would prevent a minimum of 400 redundancies the reality shows us that we have lost in excess of three times that number and the removal of frontline services to the most vulnerable and needy in our communities with further problems caused by the outsourcing/TUPE transferring of staff to private organisations.
The aim of our campaign is to:
• Get the lost 5.4% pay back into employees’ salaries.
Initial aims in order for this to happen include:
• Getting written commitment from Shropshire Council that they will address this issue.
• Get written commitment about when they will address this issue at a full Council meeting.

In reality Shropshire Council staff are are 22% worse off in terms of take home pay than we were 5 years ago. We cannot allow the “ temporary ” pay cut to become the norm and to be our accepted rate of pay.
Last week the Branch Secretary wrote out to all of the Councillors at Shropshire Council outlining our case and setting our targets (copy of letter available on our website and Facebook)  The extract below is the final paragraph of that letter. We need to know which of our elected members is supportive and if they are not, why not. :
“Shropshire UNISON is writing to all elected members in the spirit of co-operation and openness and is respectfully requesting a written response from you stating clearly your views on this matter. Please can you confirm in your response whether or not you support UNISON’s campaign seeking the reintroduction of national Green Book pay grades, given that you made the original and very difficult decision based upon it being time limited.”
What can you do to help?
• Publicise the campaign
• Recruit members
• Encourage signing the Petition
• Write to your local Councillor
• Support UNISON Representatives and Officers
• SIGN THE 5.4% PETITION: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/paypetition

Alan James
Branch Secretary
On behalf of Shropshire UNISON General Branch Executive Committee