Branch Secretary Weekly Update - 29.04.13

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Changes to Collective Redundancy Consultation Procedures – 29.04.13

From 6th April the coalition government changed the accepted consultation period on collective redundancies which now means that the minimum consultation period has been reduced from 90 days  to 45 days for workplaces where 100+ redundancies are proposed within a  period of 90 days at any one establishment/employer.  This, given Shropshire Council’s continued restructures and reshaping of service delivery to the public,  will have a major effect upon the Branches ability to represent those members affected,  in that it gives everyone  -other than the employer – less time to support them  and negotiate on their behalf

ACAS have produced guidance to employers for when they are dealing with redundancies and members may find this useful to look at if they are involved in such a process or are concerned as to the future.    http/

Fixed term contracts are also affected under these new proposals which will see employees on fixed term contracts that have come to an end  not receiving obligatory collective redundancy consultation.

When counting the number of redundancies proposed, the employer must include any fixed term contracts if the employer:

. Proposes to terminate the contract early, and

. Proposes to do so the grounds of redundancy

Where the employer simply proposes to terminate a fixed term contract on the date agreed in the contract, such a dismissal does not need to be included in the number of proposed redundancies.

Shropshire UNISON have had many discussions with Shropshire Council where we have repeatedly made the case for maintaining a full 90 days consultation on all redundancies ( the new changes are for guidance only ) however we have now been informed that The Council will officially adopt the 45 day consultation period.

Any questions or queries as always please contact your workplace steward or The Branch directly

Alan James - Branch Secretary