Living Wage Campaign Update

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Sunday 3 to Saturday 9 November



UNISON Campaign

Living Wage rates are £7.65 outside of London £8.80 inside London


Later on this week two more of our large LG branches will be out continuing their living wage campaigns, Solihull LG and Shropshire.   The Local Government pay claim is for a flat rate increase of £1phr thus raising the bottom spine point above the minimum wage.  Look out for regional and national press releases this week.


Work also taking place nationally and regionally with Catholic Schools (3000 across the country) and as well as the co-operative, more information expected on Wednesday. 24% of CVS firms do not pay a living wage -  members dealing with disabilities, children services, housing and advocacy.


Ed Miliband has also said he will provide tax incentives for firms paying a living wage.   


Our  view is the Living Wage will raise the standards of thousands of families, put more money into local economies thus growing them which will support business.