Local Government Part-time Workers Survey

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Dear colleagues,

 Local Government Part-time Workers Survey

 As part of the Part-time Matters campaign the Local Government Service Group has launched an online survey at the link below:


We are using the survey to find out how much members/non-members working part-time in local government have been affected by cuts or unequal treatment. The results will assist us in developing a negotiating, campaigning and organising agenda to put part-time workers at the heart of our work. A paper version is currently being prepared and will be available shortly.

 It is vital that we get as many local government part-time workers (members/non-members) as possible to complete the survey

 Branches are asked to circulate the survey link to all part-time workers in local government by as many means as possible:  meetings, email, text, social media , etc.

 It is crucial that , where possible, branches make arrangements for frontline local government part-time workers without internet facilities to complete the survey e.g. using a PC in the branch office.

 Contact Marilyn Bailey on 020 7121 5789, e-mail m.bailey@unison.co.uk