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Can I please take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all Shropshire UNISON members who took part in last Thursday’s day of action and who took the difficult decision to stay away from work.

I know that you will all have been under tremendous pressure to come into work. I also appreciate that for many of you if will have been a very difficult decision to have made financially.

I appreciate and salute your solidarity and your courage in standing up for yourself and your fellow workers.

More than 1200 picket lines were set up in front of town halls, council depots and schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 4000 schools were closed, with 2000 others partially shut.

Large numbers of town hall buildings were closed or operating with skeleton services, while many authorities chose to close all other buildings as a result of strong support for the strike.

Across the West Midlands approximately 50000 members from took part in Industrial action to demand fair pay, and Shropshire UNISON played its part extremely well.

Thank you for your continuing support.
Alan James
Branch Secretary.