Police Front Counter Closures

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Police Front Counter Closures

Following a review of Police front counters across the West Midlands it has been announced today that twenty seven are set to close. The closures will take place over the next 12 months and is an attempt to save £3 million, while protecting frontline policing. This means that just ten front offices will remain open between 8am to 10pm and Birmingham Central will remain open 24/7.
Charlie Sarell, UNISON West Midlands Regional Organiser for Police and Justice said:

“UNISON are of course worried about the extent of these cuts and the service this will provide to the general public. The reasoning behind this review and the extent of the closures is clear, it is the fault of the Conservative government. The ongoing cuts to police funding is penalising the West Midlands unfairly, while some County forces in the south are not being affected. UNISON will be working hard to protect our members jobs but given the extent of the cuts we are significantly worried that they and other staff will be facing compulsory redundancies.”

Jill Harrison, Branch Secretary of West Midlands Police said
“This is going to have a massive impact on our members and all the police staff across the West Midlands. We will be working hard to support all those affected by these significant changes, but this is about more than just jobs, it is going to impact on the local economy too. There is an unemployment issue in the West Midlands and making more people redundant will only make this worse.”

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Announcement - http://www.westmidlands-pcc.gov.uk/news/news-2014/police-front-office-co...

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