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Redundancy and Incremental pay Challenges.


For some time now, the Branch has been concerned at the speed and progress of our legal challenges to changes to the redundancy and Incremental pay policies.

As a consequence I recently made an official complaint to Thompsons Solicitors regarding the apparent lack of progression and informed them that as a branch we were finding it increasingly difficult to keep saying to our members  that an outcome was on the horizon.

On April 22nd myself,  Jo Messer, Branch Chair and Rick Tudor, Regional Officer met with the head of Thompsons Birmingham office to outline specifically just what our concerns are and what we expect to happen from here on in.  On our return to the Branch we received a full written  apology for the delays that have occurred and an assurance that these matters would now be pursued with urgency and in a timely manner.

The situation now is that Thompsons Solicitors have written to Shropshire Council  requesting a clear indication of their intended course of action with a deadline of Friday May3rd for response.  Should no reply be received then Thompsons have been instructed to lodge all claims via the County Court and Employment Tribunal Service with immediate effect.

I apologise to all those members affected,  it has been extremely frustrating to have had no ability to influence matters further which would have helped reduce the timeframes involved but I am now confident that Thompsons are very clear as to our expectations and that they will pursue the matters accordingly.

Thank you very much for all your patience and understanding and rest assured that I shall continue to push for the earliest possible resolution.


Kind regards

Alan James

Branch Secretary.