Shropshire Council Public Consultation Petition

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You may already be aware of the following e-Petition regarding Shropshire Council's current method of public consultation. If not you may wish to consider responding to this petition and making others aware.

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The petitioner, Stephen Malloy, has contacted GSX and says:

I have been given your contact details for Green Shropshire Exchange after being referred to your group by Mike Richardson of Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth.

As an 'umbrella' organisation assisted by Shropshire Council, I am sure you will be contacted for consultation about issues that are of obvious concern to your group, but there are many people who do not have this contact, and as a consequence, their voice is not heard. This is something you may have experienced yourself at some time.

Following my own experiences, and publicity of the lack of consultation for the closure of Adult day care centres this week, also a recent consultation for the 'Affordable Housing Allocations Policy' which attracted only 9 respondents (from 6,500 people on the affordable housing waiting list), there is clearly something wrong with the way Shropshire Council conduct their consultations. I believe this is down to their reliance on electronic communication which is disenfranchising.

I have started an e-petition on the council website to gain support for a full review of the way that Shropshire Council conduct their consultations and engage with the public. Once 1,000 signatures are received, the Council must respond.

The reason for writing to you, is to ask for support from the Green Shropshire Exchange by raising awareness of the e-petition and ask that you encourage your members to sign up. It is not controversial, and better consultation can only be good for everyone!

I hope you can assist.