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“How old do you think your heart age is? If you haven’t done so already, please take the time to participate in this new health campaign, recently launched by Shropshire Public Health team.


Shropshire’s HeartAge Campaign led by Shropshire Council’s Public Health team in partnership with the HeartAge Partnership is part of an innovative drive to help people understand their heart health and how lifestyle factors can affect it.


Shropshire HeartAge is a simple online test that asks a few questions about your health and lifestyle and uses this information to calculate how old your heart is. The assessment asks you questions around your age, height, weight, how active you are and whether you smoke. The test also gives you the opportunity to include your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


The aim of the campaign is to motivate Shropshire residents to adopt healthy lifestyle habits that will help reduce their risk of heart disease, stroke and chronic health problems, such as type 2 diabetes.


Comparing your heart age to your actual age gives you an understanding on how healthy your heart is. For those whose heart age is greater than their actual age Shropshire HeartAge will provide help and advice on how to improve it.


Shropshire HeartAge encourages those eligible to take up their entitlement for a free NHS health Check. It also provides details of how to access local services and support for anyone seeking to make lifestyle improvements, such as stopping smoking, managing weight or increasing levels of physical activity.


Fronting the Shropshire HeartAge campaign are local residents Andy Skinner and Collette Davies who were chosen out of several HeartAge champions to be the face of the campaign.


To find out your heart age, take the test now at or


For more information about Shropshire’s HeartAge Campaign email Gill Jones at



How you can help to promote Shropshire HeartAge Campaign


If you are interested in helping the Public Health team to promote this campaign amongst your local communities – please let them know - there is a series of leaflets which will signpost people to the online test. If you would like to order some please email


Another way you could help would be by including the Shropshire HeartAge logo in your email signature as detailed below:


Inserting the Shropshire HeartAge logo into your email signature

Please note these instructions apply to those who use Microsoft Outlook. If you use an alternative provider please refer to their instructions.




1.     Save the Shropshire HeartAge logo (see above right) in an appropriate file.


2.     Open Outlook Express. First select “File”, then “Options”, followed by “Mail”, then “create or modify signature”.


3.     In the edit signature box, under your signature, press the return key twice and insert the words How old is your heart age? Take the test and find out by clicking here:


4.     Press the return key once and click on the ‘insert picture button’ immediately to the right of the ‘Business Card’ button which is slightly above and to the right of your signature box. This will take you to a dialogue box where you can locate and insert the Shropshire HeartAge logo (which you have previously saved).


5.     Once the Shropshire HeartAge logo has been inserted please click on it to highlight it and then click on the “hyperlink” button which is to the immediate right of the ‘insert picture button’.


6.     In the address field, please type or alternatively copy/paste the complete web address that will take you to the Shropshire HeartAge Test, followed by ok. The web address is


7.     The Shropshire HeartAge logo is now inserted and linked to the Shropshire HeartAge web page.


For more information about Shropshire’s HeartAge Campaign visit or email Gill Jones at



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Gill Jones

Shropshire HeartAge Project Officer

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How old is your heart age? Take the test and find out by clicking here:


HeartAge Partnership, working with

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