Strike Action Letter

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Dear Member, As you all know by now UNISON- alongside our sister unions within local government- have called for a day of strike action on Thursday 10th July in support of our campaign to receive a just and fair pay increase after suffering 5 years of below inflation pay rises and pay cuts. In Shropshire we have been hit particularly hard and have seen our pay packets decrease by 22% in 4 years ! I believe that we can no longer sustain this situation and that is why, regretfully I have say, that we now feel that the only option open to us is to show our employers nationally that further cuts to our standards of living for ourselves and our families are no longer acceptable. Strike action should always be the last resort but sometimes in life we have to stand up for ourselves as no one else appears to be doing it for us. This is just such an occasion. Difficult though it is for us all I am appealing to all Shropshire UNISON members to support the strike action on the 10th July in whatever way that they can. We need to demonstrate that we are part of a national day of protest and that by doing so we share with our colleagues across the country the anger and outrage at the way local government workers are continually disrespected and undervalued by our Government. In preparing for our day of action Shropshire UNISON shall be negotiating with Shropshire Council a list of exempted posts which, when known, will be communicated with the membership in full via e-mail and our branch website. As is usual in these circumstances Shropshire UNISON will agree to service cover as agreed for Christmas Day – nothing more. We have put together a list of F.A.Q’s regarding strike action and we have attempted to provide the answers in readiness for you. Please take the time to read through them and see how they affect you personally. If you have any questions not covered please contact the branch in the usual way and we will be happy to answer them for you. I fully realise that taking strike action is a very difficult decision for members to make and that some of you will not feel comfortable supporting it but I would ask that you consider all that we have been through in recent years and – probably a worse scenario to contemplate – what we potentially face in the coming years. Let’s stand together in a united show of strength and send out both locally and nationally as strong a message as possible that enough is enough !! Thank you for your continuing support. Alan James Branch Secretary 01743 252958