Well Done

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Well done on the success of J10 – now pile on the local pressure to get pay talks reopened!

Thanks for all your hard work in making J10 an overwhelming success. The strength of member feeling over falling pay and pensions was very plain to see. More than 1 million public sector workers attended picket lines and rallies up and down the country- a large proportion were local government and school workers. A full round up of regional activity is on our web page at http://www.unison.org.uk/at-work/local-government/key-issues/local-gover...

We are now at a critical point in the NJC pay campaign. To get talks reopened the LGA needs a mandate to do so from each of its political groups – Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative and Independent. We need branches to:

• Make an appointment to see your Council leader and put the arguments to her/him. If you feel you need a briefing please contact your regional organiser.
• Get every member to write or attend the surgeries of councillors and MPs. Elected politicians need to know what the impact of falling pay and pensions has had on ordinary people working in councils and schools. There is a model letter on the campaign web page http://www.unison.org.uk/at-work/local-government/key-issues/local-gover...

NJC Committee and Trade Union Side meeting on 22 July

The NJC Committee and Trade Union Side are meeting on 22 July to decide next steps in the campaign in case the deadlock continues. This will include plans for strike action in September and activities over the summer to keep a high profile on the campaign. A campaign update will follow next week.

Strike Deductions – 1/7th not 1/5th

If your employer is deducting pay for those who took strike action on 10 July, make sure these deductions are no more than 1/7th of weekly income. The LGA has advised councils that the correct deduction is 1/5th but this is not a legal requirement. Branches can and have got local agreement for 1/7th deductions. This is one way councillors can show support for our strike and aspirations. Please let us know what you have negotiated